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Intro We deliver products made with 100% natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives, colourings, thickeners or other modified substances. In addition, we have a line of sauces that fully complies with a "Clean Label". NUTRITION AND HEALTH Intro We rescue and disseminate the ancestral wisdom that has given identity and pride to families and places for generations. ANCESTRAL KNOWLEDGE Intro We take care of every link in our chain, procuring only certified and national ingredients. QUALITY AT SOURCE Intro They complement more than just your meals, transforming them into unique moments to share with those you care about most. FLAVOURS THAT COMPLEMENT


We are the Queretaro brand that rescues and spreads traditional Mexican recipes of culinary complements such as dehydrated beef jerky prepared in the style of the Huasteca Queretano region and our variety of handmade sauces, cantinera style and macha style.



This Huastecan delicacy is a centuries-old tradition of the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro and we have rescued it to offer top quality meat, with TIF certification, prepared by hand with the 'menjurje' that distinguishes it; dehydrated with solar energy that gives it its exceptional texture and flavour.

It's a huapango to the senses!


Macha Sauce is, without a doubt, a signature version that makes us proud. By rescuing the best of this traditional southern style, we have given it a very special and distinctly Queretaro touch, reducing the spiciness of the chillies and enhancing the flavours that envelop the palate in an authentic Mexican fiesta. Ideal for all kinds of protein dishes, salads and whatever you can think of!


Naya Sauce® combines three generations of tradition and the innovation that allows it to have characteristics that make it truly exceptional. It is the rescue of an old "cantinera sauce" ideal for great dishes, snacks and even drinks.

With a unique and versatile flavour, and available in three degrees of hotness, Salsa Naya has conquered the palates of the most demanding gourmets. Proof of this are its successful participations in the most representative festivals, congresses and exhibitions in Mexico, where the comments of the most outstanding chefs and businessmen of the national scene have validated its characteristics.


Tamarind is as Mexican as our entire cultural and gastronomic mix, derived from our African and European heritage. We have given it a special 'touch' with the flavours that characterise us.

You'll love #TamarindoNarí sweets with and without hot chilli!

- Artisanal
- Natural
- Traditional
- No preservatives
- No gums
- No artificial agents.

Contain brown sugar.

Ideal for desserts, gifts, entertaining, cravings, etc.


Roasted or toasted with sea salt, ideal for a pleasant moment of relaxation, concentration or fun.


Now we bring you exquisite handmade pizzas with all the flavour that characterises us and more!

Order any speciality in medium, large or family size and serve it with Naya Sauce.

And, best of all, you can order your Cecina Queretana Narí pizza! so you can enjoy the best moment of the day with its incredible taste and 100% meaty texture.

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